I may be a little off on some of the requirements- I’ll update them if I re-remember or if you correct me…

“Choices” with commentary track.

The requirements were:

  • Theme: misunderstanding
  • Line of dialogue: “The one on the left”
  • Prop: an edible fruit or vegetable
  • Location: a street or traffic sign

The team:

  • Darcy and Kevin Collins
  • Jason Smith
  • Tina and Scott Weinert
  • Paul and Marilyn Jolly

2008 entry “Twiist of Fate”
The team:

  • Jan Baxter
  • Phil Carpenter
  • Corey Gossett
  • Paul Jolly
  • Derek Nugent
  • Soyla Santos


  • Theme: Twist of Fate
  • Prop: a key
  • Location: someplace where sports are played
  • Line of dialog: “What’s this going to cost me?”

“Wrong Turn” was the 2007 entry. Requirements were:

  • Theme: Wrong Turn
  • Dialogue: You don’t owe me anything
  • Location: Flagpole
  • Prop: Musical instrument

“Book of Dreams” was the 2006 entry. Requirements were:

  • Theme: Cover to Cover
  • Dialogue: That’s what I’m talking about
  • Location: Public work of art
  • Prop: Measuring device

“Protector” was the 2003 entry. Requirements were:

  • Theme: The Stranger
  • Prop: Umbrella
  • Location: body of water
  • Dialogue: We must be nuts

The team:

  • Andrew Baldwin
  • Jan Baxter
  • Paul Jolly
  • Susan Laswell

“Jaakko Suraakko” was the 2001 entry, and co-first prize winner in our catgory. Requirements were:

  • Theme: Photo Finish
  • Prop: Toy eyeball
  • Location: school

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