Ben mazuĂ© – Obama from JUL & MAT on Vimeo.

Be sure to hang in for “Le Making of…” This is totally fun.

head gear still

head gear still


The 24-Hour Video Race begins at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas/Mockingbird Station (not at the Magnolia Lounge in Fairpark) at 11:59PM on Friday, May 22nd with a theme, prop, location and line of dialogue assignment for the film and concludes 24 hours later with a race to the finish line, back at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. All of the films that make it by the 12-midnight deadline will be screened and compete for awards and bragging rights. The winning videos will be screened at the 22nd VideoFest in November and also on Frame of Mind, a television program on KERA Ch. 13.

Details at http://www.24hourvideoracedallas.com/

Simple art, paper and finger-pointing style with voice over. Simple and fun. Shot mostly as live video, and cutting out the inbetween parts so it flows faster. These could be a little time-intensive, though, so maybe we could use these to introduce a section of the video – “Here’s what happened when I decided to dress the cat as Cher”

received word and comments on this very blog from SuLa, who says she is as in as she will ever be! This is good news for all of us. For those who haven’t met her, she is Minister of Levity and Doctor of Equilibrium for the group. Very happy to hear from you, SuLa!
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