Here’s an idea we can try – I’m imagining the feeling of about 1:00 AM, when we’ve just sat down and are trying to decide what the heck can we do, and trying to come up with a list of alternatives. So my thought is let’s start early to make the list so we don’t have to start with a completely blank sheet of paper. I’ll start with a few that show the kinds of things that come to my mind. I’ll try and keep them short. Some are gimmicky, some are just images that I’ve seen. Anyway, please comment this post and add things that come to mind. Even if we don’t use any of them, I think it’s helpful to do a little warm-up of the idea-making muscles.

OK, to begin: (I’ll collect some I’ve already mentioned)

face talking under water

write our script and coerce strangers into speaking the lines (make cue cards)

have the same voice over person replace the dialog in the above shots (so different people have the same voice)

line of lights over the bridge by the Mockingbird end of White Rock Lake reflected off the water (looks cool at night)

1-sec. still exposures of night traffic – cool streaks

traffic reflected in paneled mirror buildings

shoot through clear tray/diagonal mirror (warbly distortion)

shoot same actor from two angles at the same time with two still cameras shooting sequences – combine in split screen (or alternate one to the other – weird!)

live video from camera A routed to a monitor and shot by camera B

still picture used as background with video composited in could be anything – reflection in pawn shop window, in screen of open cel phone, on surface of cup of coffee

shoot actor’s face through piece of glass. magazine photos or handmade images attached to glass

video of neon-covered drive-thru beer barn (on Fitzhugh on the way to Fair Park, as I recall. Sales associates in hot pants optional.

Mole costumes

shoot stop-motion because it’s so cool.

shoot video so we can be done in time.