So here’s this year’s spankin new blog-format communication portal for the BMG’s 2008 24-hour race team.

This year’s race begins at midnight Friday, May 16.

When video race time appears on the horizon each year, I’ll see a technique or a nice short film or talk to one of you and wonder about how this or that would work for the race. Obviously we can’t plan exactly, but I try to get my creative well primed and think about how to handle the production side of things. We know that luck favors the prepared, and we know that it’s frustrating to have a good idea and not quite be able to pull it off.

I’m looking forward to this year. I’m looking forward to your ideas and would like to improve our workflow so more of the ideas can get to tape.

I’ll be sending a link to the blog out to you possible team members. If you feel like jumping into the fun this year, please register in this blog. This will allow your comments to show up here (and I won’t have to leave the gates totally open to news flashes about Viagra, Rolexes, and the rest showing up in posted comments) If you’re up for this year’s mayhem, reply in the blog so we can get the communication going. If it’s not the thing for you this year, you can let me know at paul at and we’ll hope for next year.

Some of you have already pointed out some good seeds for inspiration, and I’ll post those separately, and look forward to more.

Thanks, everybody -pj