Brownian Motion Conversation 10/10/09

Stop Motion with Post It

Showed Lego’s and neat bw effect – 8-bit retro

Weird time displacement

Organyk. Neat until the puke.

Old Art of Noise, cool animation

Scott effin loves this one. Moments. Great build and release.

This one, “Piece”, was a winner. Used painting!

Piece from selfburning on Vimeo.

Loop Loop. Marilyn liked this one.

LoopLoop from Patrick Bergeron on Vimeo.

One take video.

Tina brought our attention to this neat technique involving sound and water

Shot in mirror

Top and Bottom from Jelle Pothoven on Vimeo.

Paul brought a DVD of Richard Beebe. We all liked part 2 of Strip Mall, and the B&W film.

Other ideas:

36 wide 16:9 palate

Affected audio?

Time lapse